Creation Camps:
Shake It Up!
First United Methodist Church, in conjunction with Bright Beginnings Christian preschool and A.C.E. (Active Christian Exploration), is excited to offer summer camps to help enrich and expand a child’s summer experience.

This summer we plan to “Shake it Up”! We will do a little of this, a little of that and see what it takes to develop a recipe for FUN!
Each day will be a hands-on adventure as we explore through games, cooking, science, art and more. In addition, Full and Extended
day campers will enjoy field trip travel! Join us as we explore and experience the wonder and imagination of childhood!
Half Day Camps:
Our half day camps are offered throughout the summer from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm for children aged 3years–5th  grade. During the morning children begin in a large group setting where they hear the bible verse, sing silly songs, learn fascinating facts, and go over
the theme of the week. Afterwards, we separate into age appropriate groups and journey through art, games, cooking and science
stations as we create, experiment, play and discover through various activities.
Full Day Camps:
Our full day camps are offered nine different weeks throughout the summer from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm for children in K–5th grade.
During the morning children will participate in half day camps. Afternoons will consist of field trips, special visitors, in depth projects
and more! Parents will need to provide a packed lunch daily.
Extended Day:
Our Extended day option allows children (K-5th) who need care before /after regular camp times to come in between 6:30– 9:00am
and to stay as late as 6:30 pm.
June 6-10: World of Wonder! (1/2 day, Full Day, Extended Day) We will kick off summer discovering all of
the wonders of our world…Our explorers will continent hop through the world looking for all of the wonders that make
the world a fascinating place to live. Prepare your passport and kick the summer off right! Tentative afternoon field
trips: Patricia Allyn Park and Sugar Creek Metro Park
June 13-17: Mad Scientist! (1/2 day, Full Day, Extended Day) What child doesn’t wonder what it’s like to mix
potions and create chaos? Nothing can be more fun! This week will be full of cool science experiments, explosions and
more as we try our hand at becoming mad (happy?!) scientists. Join us! Tentative afternoon field trips: Boonshoft
Museum and Carillon Park
June 20-24: Gross & Gooey! (1/2 day, Full Day, Extended Day) Some things in this world are slimy, sticky
and ooey, gooey! This week we will explore the ooiest and gooiest hands on! Join us as we make our own silly putty,
create and work with ooblek and gak, make our own glow sticks, slime and goo and slip and slide our way through
ooey, gooey obstacle courses. Prepare to get gross and gooey! Tentative afternoon field trips: North Park and
Activity Center Park.
June 27-July 1: Waterworks! (1/2 day, Full Day, Extended Day) Water is all around us and is so much
fun to explore! We will be water painting, making popsicles, dissolving water, making our own “kid wash”
and more! Tentative afternoon field trips: Springboro Splash Park and the Wilson Park Pool.
July 4-8: NO CAMPS!
July 11-15: Stunts & Feats! (1/2 day, Full Day, Extended Day) God specially designed us to do amazing
things! This week will bring out the super hero in all of us as we “train” our imaginations as well as our bodies.
Learning to leap over buildings in a single bound, using our super “powers” for good, working through obstacle
courses and more await in this fun-filled super hero week of stunts and feats!! Tentative afternoon field trips:
Ninjobstacles and Get Air.
July 18-22: Wild & Weird Animals! (1/2 day, Full Day, Extended Day) There are some strange creatures
out there…and we are just the group to find them! Animals are fascinating and a little weird! Join us this week as we
put on our Zoology skills to the test and check out some of the weirdest animals known to man. Tentative afternoon
field trips: Cincinnati Zoo and Caesar Creek
July 25-29: Food Fight! (AM VBS, Full Day, Extended Day) Not only will we “play” with our food in ways such
as edible playdough, ketchup/mustard tag, cake decorating, making ice cream, etc., but we will also be learning how
to grow and cultivate our own food, how to alleviate food waste, what foods do for us, helping the hungry and more!
Tentative afternoon field trips: Young’s Dairy and Armco Park
August 1-5: Out of this World! (1/2 day, Full Day, Extended Day) To infinity and beyond! Join us for an out
of this world experience! God created Heaven and earth and everything in it! This week we will “blast off” to explore
planets, stars and other galaxies. We will work with moon sand, eat like astronauts, do rocket launching experiments
and more! Tentative afternoon field trips: Air force Museum and School House Park!
August 8-12: Favorite’s & Finale! (Full Day, Extended Day) This week will be focused on revisiting fan
(campers) favorites and celebrating the end of an awesome summer! More details will come as we have to poll our
campers to see what this week will consist of. 😊 Tentative afternoon field trips: TBA!
Please contact Kim Crosen to register or if you have any questions at 937-748-2612 or