United Methodist Men – our men’s group

The men of FUMC will meet for breakfast and a brief study session on Sunday morning, March 11, at 8:00 am.  We invite men and older boys of the church to join us that day for breakfast, fellowship and study.


With regard to the spring mission trip, the United Methodist Church mission organization, Volunteers in Mission, is now establishing work sites in Florida to enable hurricane Irma recovery work.  We can indeed wait for these work sites to be fully functioning or we can look to other locales.  Though not related to hurricane Irma, work sites are available as close as West Virginia, at which we would do poverty relief and/or flood recovery.  For any potential mission trippers, please indicate your preference of West Virginia or Florida to David Finney.


United Methodist Men actively support projects and groups throughout our church.  If your group is interested in having UMM fund a special project, please complete the 

and return to the UMM mailbox near the church office.