First United Methodist Church has an active missions focus.  We offer a variety of missions opportunities which vary from month to month.  Our outreach efforts are lead by our Missions Team.  If you are learning more about our outreach efforts, please contact Jennifer Fry, the head of our Missions Team, or Kerri Dome in the church office.


Medical Driver Ministry

If you find you need someone to drive you to and/or from a medical appointment, our church offers a Medical Driver Ministry.  This ministry is a free gift of love to members and friends with no charge or fee.  We look forward to providing medical transportation whenever and wherever needed.  To schedule a medical driver, please contact Harold Masteller at (937) 885-7481. 

Interfaith Hospitality Network

The Interfaith Hospitality Network families will be with us the week of Christmas.  Please consider giving the gift of your time and work in preparing meals or doing activities with the children or most importantly, being an overnight host or hostess (the easiest job).  Please contact Jennifer Fry if you can help out.  

Five on the 5th for UMCH Family Services

First United Methodist continues to support UMCH Family Services in Columbus through their “Five on the 5th” program.  UMCH Family Services is an outreach program of the West Ohio Conference which finds, provides and strengthens homes for children.  On the months with five Sundays, they ask people to make a $5 donation to the organization.  If you would like to contribute, simply place the $5 donation in one of the pew envelopes and mark it UMCH Family Services.  Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of children in need!

Otterbein Avalon:  Share the Love of God with our neighbors Pastor Dan Renfro has started a worship service at Springboro’s Otterbein Avalon center on Sundays at 1:30.  We invite those who worship in Springboro on Sunday mornings or Saturday evenings to join with the Otterbein residents as they worship and praise God.  During this worship, we will sing favorite hymns, share the Word and pray as the Body of Christ.  David Finney, CLM, assists Pastor Dan with this service.  Please bring a warm smile, a desire to help with wheel chairs, and a love of Christ to our weekly worship services.

With worship now occurring on Sunday, the weekly BINGO game has moved to 1:00 on Wednesday.  Join David Finney as he engages with the residents in this favorite game.  Again, bring smiles and a fun-seeking attitude to Otterbein Avalon, Springboro, located off of Bunnell Hill Road.  For more information, please contact David Finney.

Box Tops Our Mission Team will continue to collect box tops for Red Bird Mission throughout this school year.  There are bins in which to place the labels and box tops located in the black stand  across from the music room.  Thank you.